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Renegade Feminist is now Living Audaciously

Back when I first started Renegade Feminist, I frequently ranted on about feminist topics daily. I didn’t see my views represented, pretty much anywhere, so figured it was a good idea for a blog. The views I envisioned writing about are broad and include gender issues, abortion, rape culture, and toxic masculinity as well as parenting and motherhood. However, I stuck pretty close to my child oriented heart and built a fan base that doesn’t really notice a post unless it’s related to treating kids well. I, of course, believe that if we could spread the message that treating kids well would change the world… well we’d change the world.  At the same time, I’m finding less and less patience for some facets of modern, mainstream feminist discourse. While I’m very much with bell hooks in my opinions, I find the mainstream discourse often lacks nuance and seems to lack critical thought, but I’m less and less likely to experiment with it here both because of the interests of the fan base and because I don’t have the time or mental energy to really give these topics the attention they’d need to properly address them.

I thought I’d have a bit of a re-brand. It’s been a long time coming really. But don’t worry, not much will change with the content really. I might even occasionally write about some of those topics I don’t currently have time for. I’ll probably write mostly the same kind of thing I have been writing, but add a bit more about what we’re doing at home and some of my thoughts about education. I have a lot of thoughts about education these days. Because while I’m a home educating blogger now, I don’t necessarily feel like home ed is what’s best for everyone. I just don’t feel that the education system we have is best for anyone. After reading Free to Learn, I want Sudbury Valley type education available to all children. Heck, a Finnish style system would be an adequate start. If there was a Finnish style free school in my area, I’d send my kids there. So, I’d like to explore and blog about some ways to help the education revolution get started. But none of this is really a change of focus for my blog because it’s always been about how we can change the world by changing childhood for our children.

I decided on Living Audaciously because it’s more personal to me. It’s a title that feels more like it’s about me, where as Renegade Feminist was very much a mask, even though it was still always me. I’ve always felt authenticity and boldness were important in my life. I did a lot of hopping around in my twenties looking for where that authenticity felt right and that was hard. But it eventually brought me to getting married in Las Vegas, moving abroad from the US to the UK, raising my children in an evidence based manner and now educating them the same. All of these decisions have been important and feel like they should be hard but only because it goes against the grain. If I don’t think about that, then they’re just the right decisions for my family and my life.

I already owned the domain name and considered using that for this blog’s new name. Except ‘conspiring nonconformity’ seems to be encouraging nonconformity for the sake of it, and that’s not me. Not since adolescence. I’m a nonconformist when it makes sense for me to be. I’m a nonconformist when conformity to the western tradition is wrong. Actually, no, so much is wrong; I just do my best.

So I’m not conspiring nonconformity, instead I’m just Living Audaciously. Minding my own business (as you do when you write a blog about how wrong society is) and getting on with my own life.

Hope you stick around!