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A woman needs a man like a…

fish needs a bicycle? No wonder some people think that feminists hate men? I don’t know, I wasn’t there so I’m more than willing to admit there was a valid point at the time, back in the 70’s when “men were men and women were grateful.”

These days, I think a woman needs a man like a horse needs a blanket at night. Its not necessary for survival, of course not, the horse is more than capable of getting through the night alone. However, if you find the right blanket made of the right materials and the right size and shape, that horse is going to be much more comfortable. Further, just because you can’t find a blanket that keeps you warm doesn’t mean no one will find one useful.

A fish has no use at all for a bicycle, so certainly a lesbian needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle, although seriously some men are nice to have a pint and a chat with you know? They’re not all bad.

I’ve just been thinking a bit about why some people might think that all feminists hate men. This is one of them. You may disagree and think I’m missing the point, but if that’s what you’re thinking then you’re missing my point.