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Why Have Kids? A rundown of eye rolling quotes so far.

I’m two thirds done already of the quite short book Why Have Kids? by Jessica Valenti, founder of and thought I’d let you in on some of the quotes that have had me laughing, eye rolling or yelling so far. Then I’ll get to finishing it so I can give you the whole review.

“Later I was thrown a parenting curveball when I didn’t feel the sense of all-encompassing joy and love for Layla that friends and family told me would come.” Seriously? This is in every mothering book since Erma Bombeck, in every mommy blog and ¬†article. I knew way before I got pregnant that it’s quite common not to have an explosion of love. I think she did too but she was able to fill two pages with this crap so she did.

“…most Americans don’t like uncertainty. (Hence all the parenting guides, magazines and advice gurus!)” Yeah, it couldn’t possibly be that we want the best for our kids, it must be the much more anxious and selfish motivation.

“Some parents are lucky enough to have the time, energy, and money to think over… what parenting “style” will make their child the most secure.” Agreed, but something so important should be encouraged no? No. She just wants women to stop worrying and get to work!

“The social pressure alone is enough to send women scared to the closest IUD.” Just, ugh. As I say repeatedly, own your decisions!

“If having children is the best and most wonderful thing we have ever done, then how do we explain to our bundles of joy that a third of them were unplanned?” What do those two sentence fragments even have to do with each other?

And that’s just the introduction! Not even page one yet.