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13 Great Facebook Pages to Follow

I’ve been a bit busy at home recently, though I do have a couple posts in the works. Today I want to help spread the word about some of my favorite Facebook pages. Please forgive me though, because if you follow all these pages there will be little I share that you haven’t already seen!



Mothers at Home Matter Too This is an amazing organisation in the UK advocating for children and the right for a loving caregiver to be at home with them. In the current political environment, where no value is seen in any activity unless it makes someone lots of money, we are losing all humanity and MAHM can see this. I’m a fully paid up member and encourage even working parents to do the same in an effort to preserve our eroding rights to choose to care for our own children if we decide that is what is right for us.



Gender Neutral Parenting This page advocates not placing our kids into gender stereotypes in order to let them grow into their own authentic selves. Trans children attempt suicide at an astonishingly high rate and if we were accepting them for who they are that wouldn’t be so. But its not just about trans children, its about removing stereotypes from everyone. Full stop.



Toward the Stars Is a page for empowering girls. There are pics of superhero girls, scientist girls and sporty girls. This page has also been one of the best for helping me achieve a better body image. Certainly seeing more positive body image content and fewer Hollywood actress and beauty mag models is one of the first steps to accepting your body as it is.



Attachment Feminism This is a blog by Chrissy Chittenden, a feminist and attachment parenting advocate. She writes about a lot of things, including why feminism and attachment parenting do not have to be at odds with each other. I have her book and when I get a free minute I will be reading and reviewing right here so stay tuned!



Feminist Breeder I was excited to find her because I thought she’d be more like me but I found she buys into a lot of the neoliberal hype like work is great and staying home with kids isn’t valuable. Or maybe I’ve misread her on that. But, she’s about to finish a master’s in public health and so is devoutly pro-breastfeeding so that’s great. Also, her page is really entertaining, with interesting debates in the comments quite often.



Everyday Feminism As far as feminist magazine sites, this one pisses me off the least. They tend to be quite astute, less radical capitalist and quite intersectional. I usually enjoy the posts I read rather than rage at them.



Analytical Armadillo Everyone knows Analytical Armadillo right?  Awesome evidence based articles on breast feeding, co-sleeping and parenting babies gently.



Good Job and Other Things You Shouldn’t Say or Do. A page that shares a lot of good links related to gentle, attachment oriented parenting. The page’s owner is writing a book with the same title that I’m quite looking forward to.



Evolutionary Parenting Lots of evidence based posts about parenting issues. I remember reading a lot of posts here when my first was very little but recently I’ve seen some good content related to feminism and gentle parenting not being at odds.




PhD in Parenting Similar to the last, this is another well written evidence based blog about parenting issues and feminism. And another awesome woman (like me!) who leaves the bathroom cleaning and laundry to her husband.


Sewing Circus Awesome gender neutral clothing. Loving the space dresses! And the dinosaur dresses! And the science dresses! And supporting independents is important when we can and in this instance we not only can, we have to!



Let Clothes Be Clothes Advocates of removing the stereotypes in children’s clothing and the way it’s marketed to parents. I for one HATE how hard it is to find clothing for my girls that isn’t over the top girly but also isn’t obviously for boys. Why can’t they just have a plain pair of jeans!



Suzanne Zeedyk I just found this page, today in fact, but it deserves to go here. Her latest blog post is about how we need to be more sensitive to kids emotional state in the context of the care system. I think this reaches further, into parenting practices and how we treat them at school.



I hope I’ve helped you find some good, positive messages to devour for the weeks and months and even years ahead! Let me know on my own Facebook page if there are any others that you recommend!

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