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No I’m really not judging you

I just want to clear something up following the last post, No breast feeding research is not making you feel guilty.

I wasn’t telling anyone off, I was trying to explain that yet again it’s mainstream parenting and patriarchy to blame for making us less functional than we could be. I have a huge interest in female guilt and how it manifests all over our lives. I am not one to judge formula feeding mothers; I wish more people would breast feed but I always assume that mothers do the best they can for their kids. 

As I’ve said elsewhere, letting kids watch TV or play on tablets is damaging according to current research too but I let mine do those things because I have to balance the damage it does and the damage it would do if I lost my mental health which is what would happen if I was left to entertain my kids 100% of the time. Time out and yelling is damaging according to experts, but who is perfectly calm all the time? Its impossible. I’ve read enough to believe that sending kids to school is damaging in some ways but can’t blame anyone who does. We all do the best we can with the information and resources we have available.

I really think those of you who are feeling a lot of guilt need not do.

The following articles I found to be  wonderfully perceptive and more empathetic on this topic: