• Inspiration

    Travelers Guide to Not Traveling

    Right about now we’re all probably getting a little tired of social distancing. Or perhaps you’re reading this at a later time when you just aren’t able to travel (money, pto, etc.). Either way, if you thoroughly enjoy traveling and…

  • Travel Tips

    Save More Money to Help You Travel More

    Last week we talked about managing the money that we already have to help us be able to travel more. Unfortunately, we don’t always seem to have enough money. We talked about creating a budget and looking at everything we…

  • Ultimate DIY Travel First Aid Kit
    Travel Tips

    Your Ultimate DIY Travel First Aid Kit

    Whenever you’re traveling, it’s good to have a little first aid kit with you. You never know when that cold will hit, or if you’ll take a tumble down some rocks. It’s not just for the boy scouts, travelers should…

  • The beach is a top reason to visit Corolla.
    North America

    7 Reasons to Visit Corolla, OBX

    My family has visited the Outer Banks (OBX) in North Carolina for around 24 years. We’ve stayed in different houses and in both Duck and Corolla. This year would be the 25th year, except we all have other trips or…

  • Zebra at Mongena Lodge

    5 Reasons to Stay at Mongena

    When you start planning for a trip to South Africa it can be a little overwhelming. What parks should you visit? Where should you stay? What kind of immunizations do I need? Will the lions get me at night? Most…

  • Africa

    South Africa Game Drive

    Have you ever thought about going on a safari/game drive in South Africa? When I was getting ready for my trip, all I wanted was to read about what the drives were actually like. What animals did they see? I…

  • Polar Bear Capital of the World
    North America

    Polar Bear Capital of the World

    When people talk about seeing animals in their natural habitat, most people think of things like an African safari. Had it ever crossed your mind to go see a polar bear in their natural habitat? If not, it definitely should…

  • Welcome to Churchill
    North America

    Explore Churchill

    This year I had the opportunity to visit an area that not many get a chance to.  Way up north in Canada, just off the Hudson Bay, is a small town called Churchill.  We went up there specifically to see…

  • Travel Tips

    Access Airport Lounges

    When you’re traveling with long layovers in airports (especially if it’s internationally), you may become very envious of those first-class passengers that get the keys to the holy grail, so to say.  Those airport lounges you only ever get to…