Household Chores We Forget

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If you’re a parent, then you’ve probably looked through Pinterest and found all these cute new ways to make a chore chart for your kids. You give them stickers, money, and Wi-Fi passwords hoping to teach them some life skills…or just to get some things off your to-do list. 😉 When I mention I have a chore chart at home people usually laugh at me. I have no kids. No husband or roommate. No one I need to teach life lessons to or share the workload with. However, I do like to keep a clean and safe house, and there are so many more things that go into that than I ever thought. I sat down and compiled my own list of must-do’s for home maintenance. Each week, in a four-week rotation, I have different things I need to focus on. Then, each month there are a couple of extra items. Below I’ve listed some of the things on my chore chart that are a little out of the ordinary vacuum, dust and laundry list.

Chore chart for one

Monthly Chores

De-clutter Closet

Each month I evaluate what I have in my closet. If I haven’t worn something in a while, if it’s damaged, if I just really need to give up on the idea that I will be that size again any time soon, then I put it into my donation box I keep in my coat closet. About 2-3 times a year I will go through everything, write it out, and then donate!


I really need to get a new mattress, but since I still have an older one that doesn’t really have a designated top, I flip and rotate it on a monthly basis.  Before I do this though, I will vacuum it and then sprinkle some baking soda all over the mattress. You can also sprinkle some lavender or other essential oils into the baking soda before you sprinkle it. Then let it sit awhile (usually a couple hours), and then vacuum it up. This helps with removing any odors and dust mites. Since my dog sleeps on my bed with me I do this monthly, but you may not need to do it as often. Maybe every 6 months or so.


I not only wipe it out, but I also go through the food to make sure there’s nothing in there that’s expired. I’ll also double-check the temperatures just to make sure I’m running the fridge and freezer efficiently.

Switch Plates

This might be a silly one of mine, but when I moved into this house, for some reason a lot of the switches were gross! I mean, gunk on them, but also on the sides of the switches and in the little crevices. So, I’ll just take a disinfectant wipe and walk around wiping everything down.

Kitchen Cabinets

This is another one that came out of what I got when I moved into this house. The kitchen cabinets are all white, but when I moved in, that wasn’t necessarily the case! Who lets that kind of mess build up? So, to make sure I’m not one of those people, I make a point to really wipe down my cabinets.  Mostly the doors, front and back, but also on the shelves every once in a while (it’s a good time to go through my food too).

Random Chores

Clean under the stove and fridge

I only do this twice a year because I’ve noticed I don’t make that big of a mess.  However, it is something good to keep an eye on.  Especially if you have kids who like to ‘help’ in the kitchen or a dog who doesn’t always catch her treats when you’re playing the kitchen.

Print Pictures

So I’m one of those nerds who still has photo albums and prints all her pictures off! I love being able to flip through those things. I also LOVE to take pictures! I’m always snapping away, which is great because I capture a lot of things but it can be very time consuming (and add up financially) deciding which ones to print and organizing them in the books after they’re printed. That’s why I try to make a point to do this about once every other month. That doesn’t always happen, but I try! I like to use Walgreens online. I use Ebates to find coupons that usually save me half the cost at least, plus the cashback on what I do spend.

Photo albums are included in my chore chart
My photo albums….about time for a new one!

Under the Bathroom Sink

So this includes everything in the cabinet under the sink and the drawers on the sides. Taking everything out, wiping it down on the inside, and wiping things off if necessary as I put them back. This is also a good time to check and make sure you don’t see any signs of a slow leak or something like that.

Clean out Gutters

We all know why we need to do this! And with as much snow and weird weather, as we get here in Iowa, ice dams are a real thing! I HATE doing this! I WILL be investing in some of those gutter covers soon! Until then, I usually check them once in the spring and once in the fall.

Check Roofs

I never would have thought to do this (have it done) until after I had BATS in my house! When the guy came to see how they got in, he got up there and was like, “Wow! That’s a lot of bat shit!” Not something you really wanna hear. So apparently, they were hanging around up there a lot. I don’t know exactly how the hole got there if they made it or it appeared because of something else, but once they found it, they came in! I was traumatized the night I saw the one fly in. Luckily, I was awake downstairs watching tv. I crawled out of the house in my pajamas with Wrigley and we high-tailed it to moms! What scared me, EVEN more, was when I finally moved back into the house about 4 nights later, finally fell asleep only to be woken up by another one flying around my bedroom! Apparently, the guy didn’t find both bats the first day he stopped by! So, long story short, keeping an eye on the roofs got added to the chore chart! If not for bats, for other wear and tear that might be happening.

Hose AC

A couple of years ago after having some trouble with my AC unit, the guy said I should be hosing off the unit outside about twice a year or having someone else come and clean it. So, I do it, but you want to make sure you don’t use too much power. 

Wash Curtains

I have curtains over most of my windows, so it’s important to make sure those get washed every once in a while too!

Cleaning curtains are a part of my chore chart

Dryer Vents

Most of us have heard this before, but keep those dryer vents cleaned! No one wants to be the person whose house burns down because they forgot to clean the lint!  (By the way, if you have a front-facing washer you should also be making sure you’re draining it occasionally).

So, these are just some of the random things I do to make sure my house is clean and safe! What are some of the big things on your chore chart?  

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