Dog Mom Gifts

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My furbaby, Wrigley!

#dogmom has become increasingly popular in the past couple of years. For those of us who love our pets as if they were our children, it fits pretty well! I don’t plan on having children of my own, so any furbabies I have essentially are my children. More than likely, you have a dog mom in your life, and like clockwork, she’ll have a birthday each year, or Christmas will come along. If you’ve ever wondered about some unique dog mom gifts you could get them, I’ve got you covered!

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1. Caricatures with the dog

I was at a fundraiser one night and someone was drawing caricatures. I made a comment about my dog and she asked if I had a picture of her. HA! Of course, I did! So I sat there while she drew me, and then she used the picture I had of Wrigley. This drawing is on the wall in my kitchen and I absolutely LOVE it!

2. Willow Tree Angel of Friendship

I love my little Willow Tree. It’s a great gift for a current dog mom but would also make a great gift (and I don’t even like to think about this) if someone lost their furbaby.

3. Jewelry

This is such an adorable ring! It’s on my Amazon Wishlist… case any one of my family or friends wants to get me a gift 😉

4. Wine Glasses/Drinkware

I used to have a wine glass that said: “Just a single dog mom doing the best I can”. Then I broke it….guess I wasn’t doing very good! Personally, I love anything that says “I work hard so my dog can have a better life”, “My goal is to be the person that my dog thinks I am”, or “If the dog’s home it’s not drinking alone”.

5. Treat Camera

Best thing ever for a working dog mom is this Petzi Treat Cam! Even though I turned the little buzzer off for when I log on, Wrigley still seems to know when I’m watching. Since it kind of gets her worked up and looking for me, I try to only spy when I’m close to being home. There have been many a time when I’ve been in the check out line at Walmart while watching her on the camera and giving her treats!

6. Pop Sockets

There are SOOO many pop sockets you could choose from, and it’s nice because it’s easy to switch them up! This my newest one I got on Amazon…I mean, it’s not wrong!

7. Apparel

I think this shirt is adorable! There are really so many different ones you can choose from! I live in my #dogmom sweatshirt when it’s cooler out!

In addition to these, there are all sorts of picture frames, other wine glasses, shirts, baseball caps, coffee mugs, and even stickers for the car. It’s great to be a dog mom….and it’s great to have special gifts to remind us that this role is a special one! Tell the dog mom in your life you love them with one of these adorable gifts!

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