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35 Travel Gifts for Her

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My birthday is coming up in May. It should be a holiday! And usually, I’ll spend at least the week celebrating!  Well, unfortunately, this year will be a little different! I will definitely still be ordering food from my favorite Mexican restaurant (and margaritas)! May is also Mother’s Day! And, if you couldn’t tell from my previous post, I love my mother and she loves to travel too! Since I’m in the birthday/Mother’s Day mindset I thought I would put together a list of ideas of gifts for those in your life that love to travel!

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Packing Cubes

So packing cubes are not something that I haven’t started using yet, but I want to.  Both of my sisters-in-law use them though and they’re great for separating out the girls’ clothes.  It makes it easy to pull one cube out for whichever girl needs them.  This set would especially be good because it comes with the TSA Approved toiletry bag as well, plus there are different colors you can choose from. 


Whenever I travel I keep a little journal with me. I like to think I have a good memory, but I really like being able to make sure I will remember things.  Like writing which animals we’ve seen on safari or how delicious the food at a restaurant was. 

Travel Slippers

Slippers are great for either on the plane or walking around the hotel. These slippers have a rubber sole to protect you from ickies on the ground. They can also roll up, so they’re not taking up a whole lot of valuable space.

Portable Luggage Scale

This portable luggage scale has been a life saver more than once, especially on the way home when I’ve bought a bunch of gifts while I was away on travel. It’s easy to keep with you, doesn’t take up much space, or weighs much itself.  It’s easy to use and can switch between lb or kg. 

Hidden Pocket Scarf

Personally, I like the scarves that can double as a shawl/coverup while I’m on the plane, but these hidden pocket scarves are also very useful! With the hidden pocket, you’re able to keep valuable things close to you and out of the reach of thieves.

Anti-Theft Bag

I love this anti-theft bag.  It’s great because it’s a durable and waterproof material with straps to either be a backpack or a shoulder bag.  The zipper for the bag is on the backside so no one can sneak into your bag without you knowing.  There are also two pockets on the sides for water bottles and two smaller zipper pockets on the outside that I’ll usually keep things like my chapstick, gum, earplugs, etc. in.  Inside the bag, there is a zippered pocket and a couple of others.  I like to use this bag when I’m walking around a city or something.  I can put my camera in it (along with my travel wallet) and head out!

Large Scarf / Shawl

I love wearing my large scarf when I’m traveling. I can use it as a cover-up/shawl/blanket when I get cold on the plane, wrap it around a couple of times for some extra neck support, or bunch it up and use it as a pillow against the window. 

Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Some people will say to bring a neck pillow that might take up less room, but I like being comfortable.  This memory foam neck pillow also great because you’re able to take the cover off to wash it and a strap so it can easily attach to your luggage while you’re traveling.

Voice Translator

I wish I was able to speak other languages fluently but I’m not that talented.  Things have gotten much easier over the years so you don’t have to flip through a book to figure out what you want to order for dinner in France.  Technology has once again gotten better and now you can just hold this voice translator and it will tell you what someone else is saying, and translate what you want to say!

Collapsible Water Bottle OR Water Bottle With Filter

Most of the time I just take one of my water bottles with me and keep it empty until I get through security.  Going a step further would be using a collapsible water bottle. This way, when you’re not using it, it will take up much less space.  Or, depending on where you’re going, maybe the LifeStraw Filter Bottle is a better idea.  This bottle removes 99.99% of waterborne bacteria and parasites, so if you’re traveling somewhere that doesn’t have great water, this is a must! Talk about useful travel gifts!

Quick Dry Towel

This quick-dry towel a great idea especially for those who like to camp. The nice thing about this set is there are three different sizes for different things. These towels are super absorbent and antibacterial microfiber, and you can pick from a couple of different colors!

Travel Wallet

This is the travel wallet I got awhile back and I love it! It helps keep your identification safe with RFID blocking shield material.  It not only has space for your cash and cards, but also space for your passport, boarding passes, cell phone (if you’ve got the right size), and a pen holder.

Travel Wallet - 35 Travel Gifts

TSA Approved Liquid Bag

This TSA-approved liquid bag can be used for your 3-1-1 carry-on liquids.  The material is also easy to clean in case one of the containers has a leak.

Travel Laundry/Shampoo/Soap Sheets

These sheets are great options to keep with you while you’re traveling.  These little sheets just need a little bit of water to be activated.  The soap sheets are great for flights.  How many times have you gone to the restroom on a plane only to find it’s out of soap? Using the shampoo sheets will allow you to save some room in your bags.  And the laundry sheets allow you to do laundry much easier, which is something that can help allow you to not have to pack as much! Who would have thought toiletries and laundry would make great travel gifts?

Travel Cable Organizer

For someone who travels with electronics, this cable organizer case is extremely beneficial! The case is waterproof to keep everything safe and has plenty of different spaces for all of the different cords and electronics you’d be traveling with. 

UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

This compact UV toothbrush sanitizer is perfect for traveling. It uses a USB charger and kills 99.99% of bacteria with ultraviolet sterilization.  We all want clean mouths, right?

Dry Bag

Dry bags can be a lifesaver!  They’re great for water-based trips (kayaking, beach, rafting, etc.) or just to keep your things safe from rain or muddy puddles!  The nice thing about these ones is that it not only comes in different colors, but there are different sizes you can choose from depending on what your adventure looks like!

Eye Mask

I’d be surprised if your travel lover doesn’t already have an eye mask yet.  I love mine because not only are they comfortable and work, but they have a deeper eye cup area so it won’t smash your makeup as much! Plus, these ones come with extra earplugs.  Who can’t use extra earplugs!?

Eye Mask - 35 Travel Gifts

Portable Coffee Maker

Upfront, I am not a coffee drinker, so I can’t tell you about this from experience.  However, I do know someone who loves her coffee and think this portable coffee maker would make a great travel accessory for her.  The difference between this one and many other portable coffee makers is that it doesn’t need hot water, it will heat the water up itself! And it can keep your coffee warm too! All you need is access to power, water, and coffee!

World Travel Adapter

Now for the practical side of travel gifts. If you’ve traveled outside of the US then you know that you need power adapters.  This worldwide adapter is great because it covers more than 150 countries! It also has USB outlets and all you do is slide out the pieces you need for wherever you are.  There aren’t multiple pieces you have to make sure you carry with you, it’s all in one. 

Travel Makeup Case

I used to just toss my makeup into a bag and run. I decided to start taking care of my stuff a little more and that’s why I got this travel makeup bag.  It has spots for your brushes and a zippered pocket where you could put things like hair ties or make-up remover sheets.  The base of it uses padded separators that you can move around to make them whichever size works best for your products.

Travel Jewelry Case

This travel jewelry case allows you to easily store your jewelry for travel.  There are designated pouches, spots for earrings, bands for rings, and snaps for necklaces.  The size is compact as well so it will easily fit into any of your bags. 

Push Pin Map

These push pin maps are great for tracking where you’ve been, and where you want to go.  You could also use it as a wedding present and have one color for his travels, one for hers, and a third color tack for their travels together. 

Camera Backpack

I bought this backpack last year because, without fail, on the first flight out of my town you always have to plane-side check any roller bag (perks of a small town). Of course, I can’t have my camera or laptop be checked and tossed around.  This bag helps eliminate that problem.  The bottom of the bag can pull out and is a typical camera bag. There’s a spot for your laptop towards that back, and I was so happy to know that it went all the way down, even when the camera bag part is in place (my laptop is on the larger size).

At the top of the main bag, you can either fill it with more camera gear, or you could actually pack clothes, books, etc.  There are plenty of little pockets for all of the goodies you need.  On the side is a zip-out pocket for a water bottle, and the back is nice and padded to help protect your laptop/gear and your back!  Bonus, this bag has fit perfectly under every plane seat that I’ve been on so far so I can always keep my gear with me!

Travel Weekender Duffel

Personally, I think this travel weekender duffel bag is adorable!  It has a separate compartment at the bottom that you can use for shoes or any other items you want to keep separate.  There are also hand straps, a shoulder strap, and a strap on the back so you can slide it over the handle of your luggage. It also can be used as carry-on luggage and can fit under most airline seats. (Plus they can use it for the gifts they bring back for you from their travel.)

Luggage Tags

These luggage tags are not only cute but high quality with steel loops.  These allow you to have your information on your luggage in case it gets lost but also keeps your information from being flashed around to everyone. 

Passport Cover

For someone that doesn’t have a travel wallet like I previously talked about, then a cute passport cover might be in a good gift.  This cover, in addition to being cute, offers some protection to the important passport! 

Steamfast Mini Steam Iron

I always travel with a bottle of wrinkle release, but, let’s face it, there are times when that just doesn’t cut it.  That’s when this mini steam iron would come in handy!  It heats up fast and has 3 different temperature settings.  Wrinkles be gone!

Steamer Case

This hard case is great for protecting and transporting your Steamfast (above) portable steamer. 

World Map Necklace

What list of travel gifts would be complete without jewelry? I love my world map necklace!  I feel it shows off my love of exploring the world.  The one issue I do have with it is that I wish I could make it shorter, but I’m working on figuring a way out for that.

World Map Necklace - 35 Travel Gifts

Globe Necklace

If the flat world map doesn’t do it for you, perhaps a mini globe necklace will work. This necklace also comes in many different options, like a solar system, moon, sun, starry sky, etc.

Airplane Footrest

I’ve only been able to use my airplane footrest once so far.  For me, I have difficulties sitting still, so it’s not the greatest because I feel like I’m always shaking the chair in front of me.  However, if you’re not as fidgety as I am, or perhaps aren’t sitting in coach, I love the idea of this! 

So these are just a few ideas of gifts you could get for the travel enthusiast in your life. What are some other items you would gift?

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  • Kayla

    I have a couple of these items and they are so essential to my travel. I absolutely adore the travel map bracelet. I am definitely going to have to get myself one. Thanks for sharing!

  • Francesca

    There are some things on here I would have never of thought of. Definitely saving this for gift ideas, Thank you!

  • Farrah

    These are all such great ideas! I’d definitely love to have an anti-theft bag + camera backpack! The UV toothbrush sanitizer sounds super useful too!

  • Justine

    I would love to have a portable luggage scale. I didn’t know one exists! A world travel adapter is also very useful. I don’t think I’d like to have a camera bag as I feel like it would be too heavy but I know it is necessary.

    • liapontarelli

      Those scales are such a live saver for me! Nothing worse than having to move stuff around when you’re at the airport.

  • Linda (LD Holland)

    Friends and family are always asking what we need as travellers. This is a good list for me to reference when I am thinking of ideas. I like the idea of a hidden pocket scarf. And easy way to avoid carrying a purse when you don’t need to carry a lot. I use my large scarf for everything. So they wear out. So a good replacement is always appreciated. I love your choice of eye mask. I have one just like that and never travel without it. But I won’t show hubby yet one more camera bag for him to try!

  • Jan

    What a great list of useful travel items! I particularly love the voice translator, RFID blocking wallet and the passport cover. The camera backpack is so well made with spaces for everything. Thanks for the tips! 🙂

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