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Lia Pontarelli - Living Audaciously

Hi there! I’m Lia. Thanks for stopping by! I know there are a lot of websites out there that you could be checking out so I’m super excited you’re here!

Who am I? I’m just an Iowa girl who loves to travel! I’ve lived in Iowa for the majority of my life, with the exception of 6 months when I tried moving to Southern California. I didn’t want to be that girl from Iowa who always regretted never moving away, so I left, and I came right back! I love it here!

After college, I got sucked into my J.O.B. I’ve worked in sales, marketing, fundraising, public relations & event planning. I’ve also been involved in the communities I’ve lived in and giving back. I loved the work I did (most of the time). However, I always put my everything into it, which meant there wasn’t much left over for me.

I lived my life working towards what I thought was expected of me. Pushing further in my career. And I was doing great! But all of that didn’t really seem to fill my cup the way I was looking for it to be filled.

My mother would always ask about different trips and if I wanted to go with her (I have an AMAZING relationship with my mom!). Honestly, I did, but I always said no. I was afraid to make those plans in case something came up with work or my personal life.

Well, after I started feeling like I was completely losing myself in my job, I knew I needed to make a change! I said yes to a trip to Mexico to swim with whale sharks! I had decided that I was only going to fill my cup with the things that I wanted! Not what I thought was expected of me.

I had traveled before this, but I’ve fallen in love with travel more and more over the years since then. From going to Africa to quick weekend road trips. I also enjoy seeing wildlife (animals make my heart happy) and exploring new areas. Traveling teaches us more about ourselves, and about the amazing world around us, and I love learning! And now I get to be in a job where I help others explore the world more, and love it!

As I mentioned earlier, I have a great relationship with my mother and she is my travel buddy most of the time. I realize she won’t be around forever so I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to make some amazing memories with her while I can!

So, I’m living audaciously now! That means that I’m living a life where I’m taking more risks and doing more things to fill my cup!

My Other Loves

While I thoroughly love traveling, there are a few other loves in my life! One of them would be my furbaby, Eve. She is my child. There are also those wonderful children I get to spoil in my role as an aunt! I’m the fun one 😉

The various posts on this blog are about things I’ve learned, experienced, or want to experience! Places I’ve seen, things I’ve done. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy learning a little more about the wonderful world around us and get a spark within yourself and begin living audaciously too!

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