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Hi! I’m Lia. I’m currently a 37-year-old living in Iowa and working in Marketing. I’ve lived in Iowa for the majority of my life, with the exception of 6 months when I tried moving to Southern California. I didn’t want to be that girl from Iowa who always regretted never leaving, so I left, and I came right back! I love it here!

Oh the places you’ll go!

However, I love to travel. When I was younger my mother would make sure that my brothers and I got to experience other cultures. She had grown up in Europe, and it was really important to her that we see some of those areas. I stopped traveling for a while, besides the yearly trip to North Carolina or random other state-side trips, as I got older. I just let life get in the way and made other things a priority. Well, enough of that! I want to see the world!


Dog Mom

One of the greatest joys in my life is my furbaby, Wrigley. I rescued her when she was 2 years old, and she had obviously been through something before I got her. Now she is 9 years old and getting gray right alongside me! (She’s also sitting on the bench right next to me as I type this.)

My Wrigley!

Aunt Hood

Another one (or 6) of my greatest joys are my nieces and nephew. One niece and my nephew are bonuses (their mom is my best friend), and the other 4 nieces are split between my two brothers. Unfortunately, none of them live in the town I live in. However, I love them all so much and thoroughly enjoy being an aunt who gets to spoil them!

Me as a child.
Yep, that’s me!

The various posts on this blog are about things I’ve learned, experienced, or want to experience! Places I’ve seen, things I’ve done. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy!