Visit the Beautiful Egg Harbor Lodge in Door County

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Nestled back among the trees, on top of a bluff overlooking Green Bay, is a lodge within walking distance to Egg Harbor in Door County, Wisconsin. When we decided to make a quick getaway this fall to experience some gorgeous autumn colors we decided to head north to somewhere new. My mother and I have both wanted to visit Door County for a while now, but hadn’t made it up before.

Entrance to Egg Harbor Lodge

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Maybe you’ve never heard of Door County. That’s okay, I’ll forgive you! Being from the Midwest, I’ve known of this vacation destination for a long time but never visited.  Door County is a peninsula on the east side of Wisconsin, with Green Bay and Lake Michigan on three sides and the south side connected to the mainland. I could, and will, go into much more detail about Door County as a whole in the future, but for now let’s talk about the Egg Harbor Lodge, where we stayed during our visit.

The entrance to the lodge is right along the main road through the west side of Door County.

While I was looking for where we could stay on our getaway I came across Egg Harbor Lodge. This lodge has only 25 units and is adults only! Somewhere that overlooked the water was a necessity. If you don’t know by now, we like water! Also, being in the time of Covid, we didn’t want to have to be surrounded by many people. We wanted to be able to retreat to our room and enjoy the views if we needed to. And it was a bonus that there are no internal hallways to get to your room.

There are 25 units available at Egg Harbor Lodge.

Why Egg Harbor Lodge?

Really, the main reason we were going was to see the fall colors.  That is why this lodge looked like a great option for us. It was surrounded by trees high up on a bluff. Not only was every room water-facing, but they all either had a walkout patio or a balcony. So, in reality, we could sit on our balcony with views of the water and beautiful autumn trees. 

Great views of trees and water from Egg Harbor Lodge.

Around the grounds, there were a few things you can utilize. You can enjoy a heated outdoor pool (it was closed by the time we went) and an indoor hot tub. There is a ¼ mile nature trail around the property, a fire pit table you can use, and lounge chairs on the yard facing the lake. There are also bicycles you can borrow to ride into town or down to the harbor. And they have wifi! That was a necessity since we would probably have to do a little bit of work while we were there, but is it really work with those views.

Borrow bikes from the lodge

As you drove up to the lodge you go through a beautiful tree-covered area, pass the second building, and pull up to the main building where you check-in. In the main parking lot, there is an area with a tree and a statue of someone taking a bath. It was kind of odd-looking but added some charm. Between the two buildings, there was a terrace area with seating options (including that fire pit table) and a small pond/fountain.

Inside the Rooms

All of the rooms are furnished with local artwork, microwaves, refrigerators, coffee makers, along with chairs and tables located both inside the room and on the balcony/patio. There are separators between the balconies, but a special feature is that they can open up. We never would have noticed this, but our last night there was a storm, and our neighbors had left theirs open, so with the wind from the front, it was slamming open and shut. Luckily, the front office helped get it closed. However, this would be a great option if you went with friends and they were next door to you. There are also screen doors on the main entry doors so you could have your room open to the parking lot and to the water, letting air flow right through (but be careful, I did get a couple of slamming doors from that).

Fridge, microwave and coffee pots available in your rooms.

What Kind of Rooms Do They Have?

There are five different types of rooms available. The patio king is on the walk-out level of the main building and is 300 square feet. The balcony two queen rooms are also 300 square feet, but up one level in the main building. This level is the same as the parking lot, but because of the hill, it has a balcony. The balcony premium king rooms are 400 square feet and located in the second building. These units have slightly larger bathrooms, a pull-out sofa, and a wet bar.  

2 queen beds with a balcony at Egg Harbor Lodge.

The top deck king rooms are 500 square feet, and there are only two of these units on the upper level of the main building.  They include a larger table, dry bar, and pull out sofa, along with a larger bathroom area with mirrored doors on the full closet. Finally, is the Stonehearth Suite. This is 1,200 square feet with 2 king bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a full kitchen, a living room with a fireplace, and its own whirlpool room! The balcony for this suite covers the entire unit, which is the length of the 4 units below it.  

Table and chairs in the room so you can eat carryout from neighboring restaurants.

What Was the Condition of the Rooms?

As far as the condition of the rooms and my thoughts on them, they were nice. The artwork was beautiful, and the balcony/views were ah-maz-ing. The wifi signal didn’t fail us once and there was a tv with limited channels. You’re not really going there to watch tv though, are you? We stayed in the balcony 2 queen room. The room with the toilet and shower were just a little snug, but manageable. Our shower was the size of a tub, but it was walk-in and had a seat built into it. There were a couple of things I didn’t notice until we were getting ready to leave and I checked every drawer to make sure we didn’t forget anything. They had an extra blanket, blow dryer, and a flashlight available. 

View of Green Bay and autumn colors from our balcony at Egg Harbor Lodge.

Since we’re open to traveling a bit, but also still cautious about everything, we did eat carryout in our room a couple of times. That is why having the microwave and refrigerator were great!  The first night we ordered ribs from Casey’s in Egg Harbor for pickup.  We were able to pull the table over to right in front of our patio doors and enjoy it!

The one thing we both thought could have been updated was the ceiling tiles. There were a couple of tiles with water damage on them, which makes you wonder what happened to cause that. It wasn’t a huge deal, but something that could be fixed relatively easy to add to the aesthetics.  The room also had a slight musty smell, but we opened up our doors and got some air flowing, and really didn’t notice it again.  The second day we noticed that they kept the doors of the other units open during the day to get some airflow as well.

Beautiful sunset over Green Bay in Door County at Egg Harbor Lodge

When to Visit Egg Harbor Lodge?

Our visit to Door County and Egg Harbor Lodge was the third week of October, so very shoulder season. We were afraid we missed the great colors but were happy to see we hadn’t! We went up Wednesday and left Saturday. Wednesday and Thursday were great, with very few people around! Friday the towns did get busy for the weekend, so I was glad to be heading out on Saturday.  I think the first two nights there were only 2-4 rooms booked (including us), so it was wonderfully peaceful. I would stick to visiting in a shoulder season rather than the summer when I can picture this whole area full of visitors. This lodge does shut down for the winter season but opens up again in the spring. If you are making reservations for those very first or last weeks, they seem to have special promotions for a free night 😉

Egg Harbor Lodge

So, if you’re wondering if I would recommend this lodge to someone else, well, I already have. A friend saw my Instagram stories while I was there, we messaged, and she went up the next weekend! Personally, I would also stay at this lodge again.  If we went up with either/both of my brothers’ families, we wouldn’t be able to because of the kids, but if it was just adults again, I would definitely stay there!

Chairs to use while enjoying the views at Egg Harbor Lodge.

The beautiful views were why we went, and those did not disappoint in any way! The charming towns around Door County were such a great addition to the trip. The wineries, orchards, and cheese shops were greatly enjoyed.  And the friendly staff at Egg Harbor Lodge made us feel very comfortable and welcomed for our first trip to Door County, Wisconsin! Have you ever been to Door County? Where do you like to visit to see beautiful autumn colors?

Enjoying staying at Egg Harbor Lodge in Door County

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  • Mimmie Human

    It looks like a really charming lodge and I love the fact that a person can hire the bicycles (with baskets to keep stuff) while exploring the area. The autumn yellowish-orange leaves of the tree is so pretty. And all those orange-coloured pumpkins, do they put candles in them to lit the path at night?

    • liapontarelli

      It was so charming! They didn’t put candles in the pumpkins, but they did have some rope lights along the stairs that were cute!

  • Linda (LD Holland)

    We have certainly loved the opportunity to escape for a few days this fall. The Egg Harbour Lodge looks like a lovely spot. Especially with the fall colours. I do like the idea of an adults only spot for some peace and quiet. We too are travelling mid-week to avoid more crowded dates. Friday nights are always a risk. I love when bikes are included to let you explore the local area.

  • Ramya Pandey

    This lodge looks amazing, it is comfortable, quiet, and serene. Also, all those pumpkins remind us of Halloween. It is a nice place to stay and witness the falls. The whole environment looks colorful and extremely beautiful.

  • Shreya Saha

    The Egg Harbor Lodge looks amazing, especially during fall I am assuming. The fall colors are indeed great. The rooms looked vast, and posh. Good you moved out during Saturday as it’s more fun when the place is less crowded.

  • Jill Dancer

    Lia, thank you so much for the wonderful suggestion to stay at the Egg Harbor Lodge when my hubby and I traveled to Door County in October! Your suggestions and ideas of what to look for and ideas to do in Door County where awesome and helped our weekend go smooth and we had a fabolous time! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to have you help us plan a trip to North Carolina some day!!!!!

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