Have you thought about giving your flight crew gifts? Learn about one of my favorite things to do when I travel!
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Special Gifts to Bless Your Flight Crew

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Do you like getting gifts? I know I do! Do you like it when people show you appreciation? Again, yes, please! Do you like being able to bless others? It’s a great feeling! When you travel, have you ever thought about how you could show appreciation for those people who not only bring you drinks but are also responsible for your well-being in case of an emergency? Yes, I’m talking about your flight crew. Have you ever thought about flight attendant gifts?

Flight attendant gift bags all ready to go.

Before one of my trips, I decided to make some little goodie bags for my flight crew. I simply got a few different types of candy. Then, when I boarded the plane I handed them to the first attendant I saw for them to disperse amongst their colleagues. Now it’s something on my trip planning checklist for every time I fly.

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Let’s talk logistics

I’ve heard that (at least in the United States) typically there will be at least 1 flight attendant per 50 passengers. An average short-haul US flight will have 3-4, a more medium one 5-6, and long-haul flights would have about 8-12 flight attendants. You can just google the type of aircraft you’ll be on, you’ll see how many seats there are, and you can do some rough math. I always round up. If you don’t know the aircraft type, you can find out via FlightView.com. I like to try to include some for the pilots as well and have a few extra on hand for those gate agents who have to deal with some difficult people.

Yes, these do take up a bit of space, but usually, it works out great because then when it’s time to come home I’ve got extra space in my carry-on for all the fun things I want to take back with me. I’m not one of those people who likes to pack everything in a carry-on, so if that’s you, get creative. When I do have to travel with just a carry-on, my go-to is simply grabbing a bag of individually wrapped candy at the airport for the attendants.

How I Do It

I’ll collect the things I want to use over time for the flight attendant gifts. I’ll then use clear treat bags like you can find in the party section at the store, and little labels with string. Then I lay everything on the table and start putting things in the bags, write a quick ‘Thank You’ on the card, and close it up. I’ll put the ones for the first flights in a gift bag that I can simply hand to the first attendant. If I remember, I’ll sometimes write another ‘Thank You’ and something about a treat to share with the rest of the crew on the gift bag. I’ll also bring some extra gift bags to put the remaining gifts in.

Some items used in my flight attendant gifts.

What’s in the Flight Attendant Gifts?

I like to mix things up, so no two trips are usually the same. One thing to remember is not to do homemade treats! One of my favorite things I’ve used is stress balls! That’s also the item that gets the most reaction from the crew, but it takes up the most space.

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Some other items you could consider:

So, tell me, have you ever taken a gift for your flight attendants? Would you?

Have you thought about giving your flight crew gifts? Learn about one of my favorite things to do when I travel!

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