Why You Should Plan A Mother-Daughter Trip!

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When people ask me who I travel with, the majority of the time my answer is my mother! That’s why I thought I would share some reasons why you should travel with your mother (or daughter depending on where you are in life)! Plan a yearly trip for just the two of you.  It doesn’t have to be a huge trip.  It could just be a weekend away somewhere.  Wherever you go, I strongly believe that taking a mother-daughter trip will not only help strengthen your relationship but can be very beneficial to each of you individually as well.

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I will preface this by saying I know that my mother and I have a unique bond, and not every mother-daughter relationship looks like ours. I realize that there are some people out there that don’t have a relationship with their mother or daughter.  While I personally couldn’t imagine not being close with my mom, I do understand not being close with a parent, so if that is your situation, I’m sorry! 

On our way to see polar bears for a mother-daughter trip!

You’ll Learn New Things About Each Other

You’ve known your mother your whole life, but not her whole life! There was a whole other life before you ever came into the picture.  For most people, it’s difficult to picture their moms before they became parents.  Do you know what she was like before she got married? Who their other relationships were with? What school was like for them? How they interacted with their siblings? Similarly, just because she’s been your mother your whole life, doesn’t mean she knows everything about you.  This time away gives you a chance to open up to her more as well.  Let her truly get to know you, and not just as her daughter, but as the woman you have grown to be. When you get away from all of the distractions of being at home, you’ll truly get a chance to learn more about each other. 

You’ll Learn What Strong Women You Both Are On a Mother-Daughter Trip

Until you do know more about each other, you may not truly see what a strong woman the other is.  Perhaps your mother lost someone very dear to her that changed her life. Maybe you’ve struggled with mental disorders that you’ve never really been able to tell her about. You are both strong women who have, no doubt, had your set of challenges that you’ve had to face.  Maybe we’re talking about what’s ahead of you.  Getting away, maybe facing a fear or encountering new experiences, can show you how strong someone is too!

Swimming with dolphins in Isla Mujeres

You’ll Be On Neutral Territory

Let’s talk about going on this mother-daughter trip even when the two of you may not be in the best of places.  When you’re traveling together, you’re not in either one of your comfort zones or territory.  You’re on neutral ground.  No home-court advantage here.  Just the chance to fully open up to each other!

Neither of You Are Getting Any Younger

Let’s face it, neither of you wants to picture a world where the other isn’t around anymore.  How many more years do you have with each other?  Don’t you want to take advantage of the time you do have left together?  Unfortunately, we don’t know when someone’s time will be up here on earth and you don’t want to look back and regret not making more memories with each other. 

You’ll Make Amazing Memories on Your Mother-Daughter Trip

When, God forbid, the time comes that one of you is no longer here, having those memories to hold on to will be priceless.  Perhaps one of you is sick and you’re able to talk about the time you climbed into a polar bear den to help brighten up her day. Also, as people get older they like to talk about their experiences.  My grandmother would repeatedly tell us about the time she drove out to San Francisco to take her brother his car.  When she got there she called her brother and told him she was in town.  He said, you know where I live and she said, you want your car, come get it.  She loved that story.  It brought a smile to her face every time she told it. By taking these trips you’ll have those memories that you can hang on to forever! 

You’ll (Probably) Travel Well Together

Do you remember when you were a kid and your family went on vacation? Fast forward to when you go on vacation now as an adult.  Any similarities?  More than likely, your mother was with you on your very first trip.  She trained you, in a way, how to travel.  That means that now, as adults, there are probably similarities in how you both like to travel.  There might be disagreements about going to a museum or a play, but there probably won’t be disagreements about what type of hotel to stay in or how to travel to get to where you’re going. 

You’ll Get Back to Your Roots

This can go with getting to know each other more.  If your mother grew up somewhere else than where you did or currently live, then there’s a chance to explore that.  Or if you know where your family came from, you’re able to go back and experience that culture together.  For me, my mother spent time in a boarding school in England.  On one trip she took us to go visit it! We had heard stories she shared of her time there, but to actually see it puts things in a different perspective.  Or when we visited Denmark and were able to go see the shore where people like my grandmother would go to help Jews escape.  Being able to learn more about your heritage, or experience the culture first-hand makes everything else come to life in a different way, and gives even more meaning to those memories. 

Visiting California for a mother-daughter trip and taking photos for my niece, Catalina!

You’ll Both Get to Cross Things Off Your Bucket List When You Take a Mother-Daughter Trip

Having the opportunity to get away on a mother-daughter trip gives you both the chance to cross things off of your bucket list, which again adds even more meaning behind those memories you’re making.  Something on my bucket list was to go on a helicopter ride.  Honestly, I didn’t think I would be doing that with my mother because of her fear of heights.  However, when we were up in Canada exploring the Polar Bear Capital of the World, she was ready to give it a try.  So my first helicopter ride was over snowy tundra looking for polar bears, with my mother right by my side.

Something on my mother’s bucket list was to swim with whale sharks.  That had never been something on my radar.  But she had decided she wanted to go, and I went along with her just to support her and get a chance to relax on a beach.  Even as we were going out on the boat to where the sharks were I wasn’t sure I was going to be getting in the water.  Not only did my mother get to cross something amazing off her bucket list, but I got to face one of my fears and have an amazing experience, with her, that I will definitely never forget!

It’s Healthy

I’m not a doctor so I won’t try to get technical about the health benefits of traveling, but I can speak from experience.  Traveling is a chance for you to get away from your everyday life and stressors.  It gives you a chance to recharge, which is something I’m sure you both can use! I will tell you, from someone who struggles with depression, travel can be very beneficial.  It adds purpose and value to my life.  Something to look forward to and something to look back on.  It can add to my anxiety a little in the planning stages, but it’s totally worth it! There are many other benefits of traveling as well.  I’ve heard it can help decrease your risk of heart disease or keep you alive longer.  Again, I’m no doctor, I’m just telling you what I’ve heard.  😉

Some Tips

Both of you need to have some input into your trip.  The location, activities, travel arrangements, etc.  Each of you needs to have a say in what you’re doing. 

Be aware of the different stages of life you’re both in. If you’re in your early 20’s and your mother, well isn’t, going out and partying at night may not be something you would both do together.

Realize that there may be times where you will do things separately on your trip.  I get the whole point is to spend time together and make those memories, and that’s not happening if you’re not together.  However, you simply may not want to do all of the same things.  My mom scuba dives, I do not! I would prefer to look out over the ocean and read while she goes diving!

Understand if one of you needs a little breather from the other.  Perhaps this is when you go off and do the individual things you like.  It’s not uncommon to need some ‘alone’ time even when you’re on a bonding trip!  

So, these are just a couple of the reasons why I would highly recommend that you call your mom and start planning a mother-daughter trip for as soon as people can start traveling again! What are some places you’ve gone for a mother-daughter trip?

Explore the many wonderful benefits, for your relationship and for yourself, that come along with taking a mother-daughter trip.  #travel #familytravel #mother #daughter #relationships

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  • Jean-Marie

    I couldn’t agree with you more! Last year June/July my sister, mom, aunt, and I did a Europe trip together for 2 weeks. It was incredible and priceless! I also love doing road trips with her because we both love to pop into quaint little shops along the way.

  • sumit walia

    lovely post indeed, made me think back on my equation with my mother. I also feel that when you travel with your mom, you only look at her as a mother but also as an individual who has her own likes and dislikes. you get to see what she likes to do when on an equal platform with you. indeed a thought-provoking post

  • Subhashish Roy

    This must have been such a wonderful trip. Both of you look so happy which goes to show the connect between the two of you. Going through the benefits of such a trip made me realize how important it is to undertake a trip like this. It is also a nice way to give back a little to our mothers who took all the pains throughout their lives to make us what we are today. Wonderful post which made me emotional. Reminded me of my trip recently with my mother and the happiness on her face.

  • Debjani lahiri

    Your post reminds me of the show on Netflix called travel with my father where they are diametrically opposite and trying to adjust with each other. Yes its very important to travel with parents at times when you get to know about each other much better . I have not been able to do so as my mother cannot travel so much but I really wish to take her somewhere this year. Thank you for such humble post.

  • Melinda

    Love this. You are embracing your similarities and your differences. So great you got to challenge each other to do new things. And you never know how long you’ll have. Hope you two have many more years of travelling together.

  • Angela

    A lovely post and one I can relate to as a mum because I travelled around the world for 3 months with my 18-year-old son and we had the best time ever. We were the reverse of your scuba diving. My son does and I do not. Generational travel is all about making it work for both of you and it sounds like you and your mum have it sussed.

  • Yara

    Absolutely agree! My travel partner is my mom – always has been actually. Even if we don’t get along all the time, I still cherish these moments. Thank you for sharing this <3

  • Tami

    Your article resonated with me for many reasons. First of all I did just lose my mother and while we didn’t take any extended trips together, in later years we did take lots of day trips and weekend trips — and the memories of those are very precious to me. Secondly I would absolutely love to travel with my daughters and we have talked about it many times. Unfortunately they are still raising young children and it is very difficult for them to leave. But we have our dreams and we will definitely travel together someday — I can hardly wait!

  • Yukti Agrawal

    Your article brought memories of my trip with my mother. I agree mother daughter trip is always a beautiful one as they are the best friend in life. You are correct, on this trip, it is feeling like living on neutral territory and both of them feel very liberated. I agree it is a healthy too as sometimes due to old age mothers are running through unknown depression and then through this mother daughter trip both get new life.

  • Clarice

    Totally agree with this! I love traveling with my mom and we actually try to go on a trip together at least once a year. It’s just a perfect way to make amazing memories now that you’re both older. Thank you for sharing these tips. Can’t wait when all these COVID situation is over.

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