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This past winter was a rather tough one here in the midwest! Don’t get me wrong, I live here, I chose to live here, so I know I can’t complain about the weather. Honestly, I prefer our winters over our summers (I’d rather have the fall) because that 100% humidity heat just isn’t fun for me. This winter had some rather extra cold days though, and some very plentiful snowfalls (my back was SOOOOO sore). So when the idea of a Southern California Getaway to visit some family came up it was a no-brainer!

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Long Beach canals
Walking the canals in Long Beach.

Down in San Diego County

Friday morning our cousin came to pick us up at our hotel and be our weekend tour guide. After we got settled into her adorable house right on the canals, we headed down to Carlsbad. First, we went to Park 101. It’s one of our cousins’ restaurants. When I lived in Carlsbad, I loved going to the little village in Carlsbad. It was kind of exactly what you would picture a surfer town to look like.

Carlsbad, CA
Hanging out in Carlsbad.

Spring Break, woohoo!

After lunch, we headed down a little further south to Pacific Beach and Encinitas to visit some of his other places. It was right around spring break time, so when myself, my mother, and our cousin walked up the stairs to the PB Shore Club, we definitely looked a little out of place. That didn’t keep us from enjoying ourselves though! They are known for a special frozen drink with Red Bull in it, so we all gave that a try after we got out special Shore Club drinking gloves!

Many Things in Los Angeles County to See

The next day we had a lovely breakfast at a cute restaurant overlooking the water! It was so invigorating! We had a LONG list of things we were going to do and see that day!

Breakfast views of the water
Nice view during breakfast!
Muscle Beach
Muscle Beach
Venice Beach sign
Venice Beach

I don’t know how they do it. If I lived up there I would never go anywhere that wasn’t just a couple miles from my house. That traffic, YIKES! We made it to Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, and Rodeo Drive! No, I didn’t do any shopping. 🙁 Next time! I did hop out of the car to grab a picture of Via Rodeo, that little part that you see in lots of movies where the street is closed to cars! I know, I’m a nerd!

Beverly Hills sign

After that, we stopped by the LACMA so I could see all those lights! It’s something I’ve seen in many movies, so I had to stop! Then Hollywood Boulevard to see the Hollywood sign, Capitol Records, and a few stars in the sidewalks.

LACMA lights!
The Hollywood Sign

Finally, we ended the day with a delicious dinner at Parkers’ Lighthouse in Long Beach watching the sunset! It really was beautiful! Again, it wasn’t a long trip, but it was great to have the warm weather, and to visit a few things that I had wanted to for so long! Now that I’ve knocked a few things off my list, I think I’ll do more relaxing on my next trip to Southern California! What places would you visit if you took off for a weekend Southern California Getaway?

Sunset from Parkers' Lighthouse
Quick LA Getaway

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