Travel Destinations To Visit After Lockdown

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Let’s face it, 2020 has not been what any of us expected.  We’ve all said it, “When this is all over I’m going to…”  Maybe you finish that sentence with “hug everyone”, “go to a restaurant for dinner”, or maybe it’s “get away from these kids!”  For me, that sentence ends with seeing my nieces and nephew and then visiting some travel destinations I’ve been looking forward to! 

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We’ve changed our thoughts about 2020 trips a little.  While we were planning on going to Italy or New Zealand this year, those will be put on the back-burner.  As many people have thought about doing, we’ll probably stay mostly domestic. However, we hope to at least go to Canada and/or Mexico after those borders have opened up. 

While we start thinking about where we want to go, our idea of how we travel will change too.  Airports, airlines, and hotels are already making changes and looking at ways they can help keep us safe.  I also think many people will take some looks at their destinations of choice.  There are so many amazing places around this world that everyone should explore. However, there are a few places that I would understand if people didn’t flock right back to because they tend to draw huge crowds, and people just may not be ready to be around that many people yet.

So, if you can’t wait to travel again, but are debating on where you should go, these are my top 10 travel destinations around the world you should consider!


Whale in Antarctica
Thanks to Kristi for sharing these photos from her trip!
Seal in Antarctica

Well, you can’t really get much further away than going here! Personally, I’ve wanted to go there for a long time now, and I will get there one day!  The unfortunate part about this trip is that you’ll be doing this by boat with others, but you can go on smaller boats, and I’m sure they’ll be taking extra precautions about who is let onboard and cleaning procedures.  And wouldn’t it be worth it!  To see 6 different species of penguins, 8 possible species of whales , 5 species of seals, Albatross, and other unique birds would be totally worth it!  Not to mention the amazing ice features you would see.  And did you know there’s actually volcanos on Antarctica! I have met a few people who have taken this trip and they have all said that it was astonishing! Definitely somewhere that should be on everyone’s bucket list!


Here’s another one of my top 10 travel destinations for you that’s a little out there!  620 miles out there to be exact.  At least, that’s how far away these tiny islands are from the Asian continent.  The Maldives is made up of 26 atolls (which is a circular reef, island, or chain of islands formed from coral).  When most people picture the Maldives, they picture huts over the water and snorkeling. Surprisingly, the capital, Malè, is a full-blown city, which I would avoid if you’re looking to distance yourself from people.  This is one of the most densely populated cities around the world!  When you arrive, you’ll fly into the airport, and either take a seaplane or boat, depending on where you’re staying. 

Who hasn’t thought about staying in a bungalow over the water or having dinner in an underwater restaurant before?  You heard me, underwater restaurant!! Even though many people visit the Maldives, there is only a limited amount of people you can get there at a time, so you don’t have to spend your vacation surrounded by crowds on a beach.


Australia should be on your list of travel destinations to visit!

I’m not sure I need to go into all the awesome reasons you should visit Australia, but here’s a couple.  However, before we talk about all the awesome reasons why people should go, this talk about a bummer reason why this should be one of your travel destinations.  There is hardly an area around the world that hasn’t been touched by all this covid stuff, but before having to deal with that, they had massive wildfires! Some 72,00 square miles were burnt actually.  That’s about the size of the state of Washington! Buildings were destroyed, people died, and there were about a billion animals that were killed! I don’t want to get all negative, but they could use some love, and there’s plenty of things to love!

Australia should be on your list of travel destinations to visit!

As a child, all of the country or continent reports I had to do were always on Australia! Something about it has just stuck in my heart!  Personally, for me, it’s the wildlife and sea life! I love the koalas and kangaroos!  There are many sanctuaries throughout the country that do amazing work with these animals that you are able to visit! And I know we’ve all heard about the Great Barrier Reef! Even though I don’t scuba, I think it would be amazing to snorkel around there. You can even see whale sharks sometimes here too! Then there’s the landscapes. From the amazing Uluru to pink lakes and white sand beaches. And if you like the more urban lifestyles, they have that as well! That’s why Australia is definitely a great choice for your travel destinations after lockdown!


This country is amazing!  There are many places throughout the country that I would say you need to visit, such as Rome, Venice, and the Amalfi Coast.  They are amazing areas and you definitely need to get there at some point, but if you’re looking to avoid some of those larger crowds still, they may not be the right choice for right away.  However, these areas where tourism plays a major role in their economies will definitely need people to start making the trips back there soon, so don’t put it off too long. 


My recommendation for in the beginning would be to go further up north, into the Dolomites area.  For instance, there is a hotel I follow (Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus) that I cannot wait to visit!  It is on the top of one of the mountains and the pool juts out so you get this amazing, undisturbed view of the mountains! They recently posted that they’re opening back up on June 11th and I’m so happy for them!


Okay, I may be a little biased since I’m part Danish, but Denmark should definitely be on your list of travel destinations!  Obviously, there is Copenhagen.  That’s what the majority of people think about when someone says they’re going to Denmark.  I loved walking around Copenhagen, visiting shops, and learning more about the culture.  My grandmother grew up in Denmark.  She told us stories about what it was like during the war and getting Jews out to Sweden, so there was a lot of meaning behind this trip for me.  While Copenhagen is a wonderful town, it is more popular which means more people. 


However, there are plenty of other areas around Denmark that are worth visiting! There are amazing castles, museums, and stunning landscapes.  There is a sand dune that is moving, and therefore it is believed that the Rubjerg Knude lighthouse on it will eventually vanish into the sea!  You can visit the town of Ribe, the Frederiksborg Castle with the Museum of National History, the Egeskov Castle, or the Lindholm Høje Viking burial site.  ­­­­­­­­You could also take a boat ride through the majestic fjords or visit Legoland (but that might have more crowds). 


I don’t know about you, but I would love to go to Madagascar just to look for lemurs!  They are so freaking adorable!  There are nearly 100 different species and sub-species of lemur throughout Madagascar and exclusively there (in the wild).  There are many other species that are endemic to this area as well, so it gives you a unique opportunity if you like wildlife! Additionally, there are great options for diving/snorkeling! From turtles, whales, dolphins, manta rays and even whale sharks, there is plenty to see underwater! Something I would love to see is all the humpback whales that come up there to breed and calve. Many people have been seen them breeching during this season. I just think that would be so awesome!  


While you’re here you can visit the Tsingy de Bermaraha National Park, which is this amazing limestone forest.  The word Tsingy comes from a local word which means “the place where one cannot walk barefoot”, and it’s easy to see how it got that name!  If you do want to walk barefoot though, there are plenty of great beaches you can visit as well!

Tromsø, Norway

Tromso, Norway

Tromsø is located in northern Norway and is definitely one of the top travel destinations I want to visit after lockdown.  My recommendation would be during the winter (everyone thinks I’m crazy when I go north in the winter) because not only would you be able to see the beautiful city, but you would also, more than likely, see the northern lights!  There is a cable car that goes up the mountain ledge Storsteinen and gives you spectacular views of the city, islands, mountains and fjords (maybe even those northern lights).  You are also able to go snowmobiling, take dog sled rides, feed reindeer, and see whales. There is also a great aquarium and museum that can help give you a better understanding of Norway traditions.  Plus, it just has beautiful scenery!

South Africa

Mongena Game Lodge in South Africa .

My first trip to South Africa was amazing and I recommend everyone adds it to their list of travel destinations! Yes, if you visit one of the towns like Johannesburg or Cape Town there will be many more people there.  However, there is plenty of land reserved for those animals! Kruger National Park is the large one that most people know about, but there are many other private game reserves. The only difference between the two is who owns the land, the government or privately owned. There are so many game reserves around that are doing the best they can to help protect the animals and still provide experiences for visitors that will transform how they look at the wildlife. 

South Africa should be on your list of travel destinations to visit!

When we went we were on a game reserve, and while we were out on our drives, we never came across groups from other lodges (just two employees that honestly popped up just in time for us). At our lodge, we even had our own hut so we were able to sit on our patio and enjoy the scenery without being all up in someone’s business! The most crowded we were was on a drive, but then there were only 9 guests max plus the guides.

Outer Banks

The beach is a top to make the Outer Banks one of your travel destinations.

The beach is one of the most common travel destinations for people! My family has visited the Outer Banks (OBX) in North Carolina for a couple of decades.  Due to its location, it’s easy to stay away from other people!  We go for the beach, so we rent a house right on the beach! This means that to get to the beach, all we have to do is walk down our private walkway and voila! You can also get a house with a pool, hot tub, volleyball area, theater rooms, arcade games, and so much more.

You can be socially distant while parasailing!
You could even be socially distant while parasailing!

Really, you don’t have to leave the house for anything except food. The grocery stores are where you’re going to have the most difficulties staying socially distant because there are only two where we stay, and neither has online ordering.  However, some of the rental companies do a grocery order for you when you first arrive, so that could help.  I definitely recommend trying MANY of the local restaurants. The best bakery is Northern Lights Bakery, and for ice cream, you should visit Ned’s across the parking lot.  Corolla Village Bar-B-Que is a MUST, and so is Mike Diana’s and Paper Canoe. Personally, I like shopping too, but you don’t have to, or you could pick slower times to go. 

A horse watching the sunrise

On the beach, yes, there could be others around you, but it’s not like other major beaches. Only people that are staying there go to the beaches, and there is a limited amount of houses.  You can lower the likelihood of others on the beach around you by staying between public beach access points instead of right next to one, and also by staying in an area that doesn’t have many other houses inland/behind your house.

Your Hometown

I know, I know.  We’ve all been stuck at home for a while now and many people just want to get out of town.  However, while we were stuck at home, people weren’t going out shopping or out to eat at restaurants. Movie theaters, performing arts theaters, orchestras, and event venues were all closed down. When you’re thinking about going out, don’t forget to go out in your own town!  Pretend like you just moved to the town and you’re exploring it for the first time, or you’re back in your hometown after being gone for years.  I live in a smaller town in Iowa, but it’s full of life and I can’t wait to get back to exploring all it has to offer!

Freedom Festival Pancake breakfast

I asked Facebook what everyone was looking forward to doing around our town.  Other than hugging, getting together with their families and friends, and going to work (!), they’re looking forward to visiting many restaurants like NewBo City Market (all the shops), Tornados, Needs Pizza, Lebowski’s, Parlor City, CJ’s Sports Bar, Black Sheep, Cobble Hill, Parlor City Ice Cream, Zoey’s Pizza, Brewhemia, Zepplin’s, and Almost Famous Popcorn.  We also have a huge farmer’s market during the summer.  While they’ve made some drive-thru changes to the ones in June, everyone is looking forward to them! To going and picking their own produce and supporting the small farms and businesses from around town.

Don’t worry, there’s more than just food on our minds! We’re looking forward to going to Sofia’s to get our nails done, and Virtue to get our hair did. We can’t wait to see Orchestra Iowa at the Paramount, sing along to Mama Mia at Theater Cedar Rapids, and see any of the new things they’re planning on bringing to the Olympic!

Which Travel Destinations Will You Visit?

From someone who loves to travel, and encourages others to see as much of the world as possible, I hope that will become a regular part of our lives again soon.  We may do things differently moving forward, but I would hate for people to become afraid of exploring this amazing world we live in.  When the time comes, what are some of your top travel destinations?

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Top 10 Travel Destinations to Visit After Lockdown


  • Emma

    So many great places on this list, but I am also just looking forward to exploring my own city again too. It’s been too long. And doesn’t look like we’ll be going too far for a while so perfect opportunity to explore locally

  • Linda (LD Holland)

    We are definitely planning for travel after lockdown. Some are longer term plans that require long timelines – like Antarctica in 2021. It would definitely be worth travelling even with new restrictions to see the sites of Antartica. Maldives is also on our list. Right now there is a 14 day quarantine. And I would probably be ok with hanging out there for more than 14 days. We were sad we cancelled Austrailia and New Zealand this year. So it will definitely go back on the travel planning board. But right now, most of our travel is closer to our hometown of Toronto. The city itself is still quite locked down. But lots to do as easy day trips. I am glad you are still actively looking at travel too.

  • Amrita

    2020 has surprised us all with its unexpectedness. I had some grand plans about this year, but that did not happen. Even though lockdowns are eased, I still think we should venture out only after a few days. As for me, I would love to explore my hometown more and visit the nearby places. Foreign trips have to wait!

  • Jan

    Good choice of places to visit! I have been to Norway, Australia, Italy and Denmark and assure you that these are wonderful destinations to go to. Antartica is in my bucket list and someday I hope to make it. 🙂

  • Zack Litchfield

    A really diverse set of places to consider visiting. Pretty sure Antarctica is gonna be high on the list of people who want to avoid human contact but still want to travel this year!

  • Jenn | By Land and Sea

    You’ve mentioned so many great places on your list. We actually have a trip planned to Australia at the end of the year and are still hopeful it will work out. Can’t wait to get back out there!

  • Eric Gamble

    There is no doubt that any places on this list of the travel destinations after lockdown are definitely on our Bucket List Project, especially the Maldives and Australia. Actually, 2020, was supposed to be the year we chased our heritage since we just got married. I figured what better way to learn about each other than discover our roots around the world. So I was planning on buying Darcee an adventure in Denmark. Like you said above there’s tons to do there but with the added family touch it would be especially awesome.

    So which place is first once the gate open?

    • liapontarelli

      That would be a great idea discovering your roots together! I think we’ll probably go shorter at first, like down to Mexico or something. But then we’ll head over to Australia!

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