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Travel Resources During Covid-19

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Do you remember that feeling when you walked out of an airport and felt that salty air and saw the palm trees dancing in the wind? Or when you went out on safari and saw lions enjoying life? How about that time you drank wine while enjoying a delicious dinner in a piazza in Italy? It’s been a while for many of us since we’ve had those experiences, and I miss them!

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Fortunately, I have been blessed to have a couple of little getaways within driving distance here in the states in 2020. Whenever I talk about doing any kind of traveling, I get asked questions about the requirements to travel.  When we’re looking at going anywhere, there are a few resources on travel restrictions that I always check. 

What travel resources to check before planning a trip.

As many of us are really starting to get antsy, and as vaccinations are making their way out, I decided to put together a list of resources I use.  Please note, I’m just someone who thoroughly enjoys traveling, has worked on finding ways to do so safely, and takes many precautions in order to do so! That’s why I use these sites! Here is a roundup of some resources you can use when looking for travel restrictions or guidelines. Please note that things can change overnight.

Travel Restriction Resources: Before You Travel

CDC State & Territorial Health Department Links

This page has links to, you guessed it, US states and territorial health departments.  Once on the states page, you may have to look a little for their travel restrictions. If there’s not a menu option clearly labeled relating to travel, I’ve found my answers on a COVID FAQ page.  I would also recommend you look up the city you are specifically traveling to.  For example, the restrictions for Chicago are different than those just for Illinois.  This travel planner page is very helpful because you can just type in exactly where you’re going and it will get you information.

U.S. Department of State

This website lists travel advisory details for wherever you’re thinking of going.  You can scroll through their list, or use the search bar to help you find your answers quicker.

CDC Travel Health Notices

This travel resource also shows the different levels of travel advisories for countries around the world, but visually breaks them down by the different levels.

IATA Travel Centre Map

This site is used by airlines and partners to make sure they are managing the passenger document verification process correctly. It can provide you with the exact details of what tests might be required/accepted.


This site was specifically launched to help get details out about different travel restrictions.  You can scroll through the countries, or there is once again a handy search bar to look for exactly where you want to go.

Travel Resources: How You Travel

If you are making plans to travel, I would highly recommend you not only look at the destination but how you are planning on getting there.  If you’re going to fly, make sure you’re checking with your airline for their specific requirements. 


We like Delta, and they’ve been noted as a great one to fly with during this chaos (they are still blocking out the middle seat, at least through 3/30/21).  They have a page that has information about things like their travel flexibility and standard of care.  On this page, if you scroll down the page just a little, you are able to go through and see their steps for safer travel (pre-trip, check-in, boarding, etc.).  And if you use their app, you’ll actually get notifications about the cleaning of your aircraft.

You’re also going to want to make sure you’ve checked the websites for the resorts/hotels you plan on staying at. Also look into things at your destination like car rentals, public transportation, etc.

Check these travel resources when planning a trip.

Tips for Traveling

In addition to all of the restrictions, there are recommendations for traveling that you should consider when planning a trip.


This site walks you through deciding if you should travel and what to do if you are going to. There are tips and guidelines to consider about how to reduce the risk to yourself and others while traveling.


This site talks about the security operations around Covid-19. It is full of information to help you travel safely and tips to make going through security easier and safer. As a special note, during this unfortunate season, they are making a temporary exemption from the 3-1-1 rule and allowing one oversized liquid hand sanitizer container, up to 12 ounces per passenger in carry-on bags.  This FAQ page has even more resources and answers the questions you probably have.

Have Fun & Be Safe

Traveling is one of those wonderful things we’ve had to put on hold during all of this chaos. It is also something that is probably going to look different for quite a while, if not forever. However, now that you have some resources about travel, make sure to check them regularly if you’re planning on traveling and be safe.

Travel Resources for Traveling During Covid

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  • Mimmie Human

    I’m sure these gravel resources come in very handy. Especially now with Covid. Feel like our lives are never ever going to get back to ‘what was normal’. Like you say ‘if not forever’ – I really hope and pray not.

  • Martha

    This is a great resource for traveling during COVID times! Sometimes it’s hard to know where to find the best and most up to date information, so I appreciate this helpful post.

  • Donna Emperador

    This article is very informative. The resources will make it easy for readers to tailor their vacations depending on the specifics for where they are going not just a generalized area. Great job!

  • Umiko

    We traveled to a different state last summer. And yes, we checked the CDC and the cities websites before the trip. It helped a lot.

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